Improve Your Daily Energy By Cleaning Your Fridge

Think of this task as a foundational habit for well-being

Katie Martin
4 min readApr 8, 2021


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The click-and-fizz noise of a Diet Coke can opening was the soundtrack of my childhood. My mom used to drink around 6–8 cans a day even while she was a high school health teacher (and knew the adverse health effects).

Oftentimes, our making unhealthy decisions isn’t for a lack of knowledge. We know what we should do to stay healthy and energized, but it’s a far cry from what we actually do.

As for me, I knew I felt sluggish because I was skipping meals and eating nothing remotely green. That wasn’t a revelation.

But what kept me from doing what I knew was good for me? The simple answer is that I needed to eat better. But why was that so hard?

Now I know that my lack of healthy eating wasn’t just a lack of willpower. In fact, there was a tangible step missing in between my intention to eat healthy and my actions. And that missing step was actually a pretty basic foundational habit.

What is a Foundational Habit?

First of all, willpower is fickle. With any habit I want to set, I know I have to think of ways to make it possible for my laziest self to accomplish. And a foundational habit is what makes other habits more accessible.

My mom was able to quit her Diet Coke habit by swapping soda cans for glasses of iced tea. The foundational habit she set was always keeping a pitcher of tea prepared in the fridge. In other words, a better choice was always at the ready.

For me, I first had to pinpoint why my healthy eating habit was shaky at best. I needed to look beyond the surface. And when I did, I realized the habit I was struggling to form was deeply tied to the state of my fridge.

When Your Fridge is a Mess, Nothing Looks Appetizing

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